Photo Posters

Showcase your favourite moments with leafletsprinting.com's Photo Posters! Print your pictures on 190gsm special paper in poster size. Yes! Your favourite photos can become as large as any photo poster, with intense colours to do them justice. Choose from 4 different sizes of photo posters and order from just 1 piece! What are you waiting for?
  • Available from just one piece
  • Stunning ways to display your photos
  • High quality photo paper

Submitting your artwork is easy, simply follow these instructions when you design & upload the artwork. Click on an instruction for more information.

  1. Add 3 mm bleed.
  2. Keep 4 mm safety margin
  3. Resolution of at least 300 dpi.
  4. Use CMYK as the colour mode.
  5. Save your files in uneditable, print-ready file formats.
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In order to design the perfect artwork, we have created some easy templates. You will find the most popular artwork templates below. Click on the link at the bottom to see all templates.

Guide pdf
A3 Portrait (297 x 420 mm) pdf Adobe indesign
A2 (420 x 594 mm) pdf Adobe indesign
A1 (594 x 841 mm) pdf Adobe indesign
A0 (840 x 1189 mm) pdf Adobe indesign
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Below you're able to find the technical product specifications

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