Printed Hand Sanitisers

Cleaning your hands without soap and water has never been this easy. Combat the Coronavirus with these personalised hand sanitisers, small enough to even fit in your pocket.

Why Use Personalised Hand Sanitisers?

Going outside nowadays has become a challenge; suddenly you must try to touch as little as possible and wash your hands all throughout the day. An easy alternative to these days of never-ending hand scrubbing, is to use hand sanitisers. Their alcoholic solution kills germs and any other lingering bacteria, ensuring a safer environment everytime you use it. Show that your company cares about everyone's safety by making sanitisers available to all your employees and visitors. Print your own personalised message and demonstrate what a reliable business looks like!

Sanitising products have become essential everyday safety tools to reduce the risks of contamination from the COVID-19. The norm is now to regularly clean your hands, avoid contact with others and perform "social distancing". This is not easy, but wishes to help by providing you with all the products you might need to keep your workplace coronavirus-free. From sneeze guards, to masks and hand sanitisers, we want to help you, your employees and your customers feel safe!

Why should I personalise these products?

To make sure everybody can stay safe, you want sanitising gel, wipes or spray to be available in places frenquently visited like on the counter of the reception, next to the drinking fountain or close to the coffee machine. In general, you want them to be visible for your employees but also your clients and using your own colours to make them stand out can help you with that. Furthermore, personalising your wipes before giving them away will not only make you stand out as a thoughtful business, but will also give you extra exposure. Doing so, you stay in your customers' mind when they use your products again later on.

How do I use hand sanitiser gel?

Using hydroalcoholic gel is very simple an easy. You do not need anything else than the gel itself so you can use this product wherever you are. Simply put a drop around the size of a chestnut in your palm and rub your hands together. Massage thoroughly into the skin and make sure to not miss a spot! You do not need to rinse your hands afterwards, as the gel evaporates. Keep the product away from children and store in a cool and dry place.

How do I use sanitising spray?

Easy to carry around thanks to its compact size, sanitising spray is great to have on you at all times. Simply face it towards your hands and press down on the nozel at the top of the product. Followed by a thorough rub of your hands to make sure every inch is covered, bang, you and others are now protected. No need to rinse, the product will evaporate.

How do I use sanitising wipes?

Whether you keep some in your bag or make them available for everyone in your office, the hydroalcoholic solution wipes will always come in handy! To use them, simply open the individual wipe packaging, take the wipe out and scrub your dry and unsoiled hands with it. Sanitising wipes are meant for single use and should not be reused. You will therefore need to through away the wipes after use in a closed bin.

Are there any warning for these products?

Make sure you take all warning labels into account before any use. These products contain the warnings: Flammable! Keep away from heat, hot surfaces, open flames and other ignition sources. Keep away from Children. Avoid eye contact. In case of eye contact, rinse thoroughly with water. For external use only.