Looking to get your own printed glasses for your restaurant or searching for a gift for a close friend? Check out our range of printed glassware.

The Benefits of Personalised Glasses

In the age of social media, branding is a very important thing to stay on top of. Nowadays, everyone posts photos of their lives on various social media platforms. Consider, for example, people who take a picture of their drink during lunch and share it on Instagram or Facebook. You cannot let this opportunity pass you by. Make the best use of this trend and increase your brand awareness. Have your logo, company name or other design printed on all your glasses. By having personalised glasses, your logo and company will get a much larger reach. This allows you to benefit from free promotion, and who doesn't want that?

What are the benefits of having printed glassware?

There are many different types of glasses, such as wine glasses, champagne glasses, beer glasses, soda glasses and water jugs and all of these glasses can be printed. Each glass is useful for multiple occasions and has a long service life. Printing personalised glasses is without a doubt a fundamental strategy in order to distinguish yourself from the rest of the companies active in the catering industry. Currently, the focus of many marketing strategies is to maximise customer experience and make it unique. To do this, many companies personalise different products within their company, from crockery and cutlery to furniture, and take advantage of the many benefits.

Printing on glass has many advantages. It ensures that your entire service looks recognisable. This gives your company a professional appearance. In addition, glassware printing is a good way to increase the visibility of your brand, build a good reputation and create special relationships with your customers. Enough reasons to do this too! Linking your brand to fun moments and positive experiences can greatly contribute to the perception that customers of your company have. Normally a drink is a social event that goes together with good times with friends, family or colleagues. The use of printed glasses is therefore very important for your company. In this way your customers will have a positive association with your brand and company.

What are these glasses used for?

Printing on glasses is ideal for companies and can be useful in countless occasions and situations. If you have a cafe, bar, restaurant, hotel, catering company, or other company, foundation or association, printed glasses can be more practical than you think. Here are some ideas how you could use them:
  • Promotional gift: surprise your customers or colleagues with a completely exclusive gift on special days. It is an original promotional gift and has a long lifespan. Printed glasses are original products that can be used to promote a new service or product, to celebrate a new relationship with a partner or to open a new store or office.

  • Events: Printing glasses and giving them away at a large event can be the one thing you do that sets you apart from the competition. Give a glass with logo to the visitor as a thank you for them attending your event and make sure your brand is visible to everyone for the whole day. Think for example of meetings, large events, fairs, weddings, anniversaries and parties.

  • For internal use: give your company a professional atmosphere and strengthen the corporate identity of your brand with personalised glassware. There is nothing more professional than glasses printed with the logo of the company. This creates a unique and inclusive atmosphere in your company. has a wide range of scratch-resistant and dishwasher-friendly glassware. Whether you are looking for wine glasses, champagne glasses, beer glasses or other drinks. You will find everything at you need at We are happy to help you turn every idea into a perfect result. Having glasses printed with us is effortless and arranged in no time.