Fluor labels on roll

The fluor labels on roll are supplied in a free dispenser which will protect the product and is easy to use! Fluor labels on roll, also called neon labels, have a flash look because of their print on fluor paper. They are perfect for grabbing attention and are often used to show promotional products. All square and rectangle stickers/labels on roll have rounded corners (radius 2mm). Note: Text is only printed in black!
  • Including convenient dispenser
  • Perfect for indoor usage
  • High Quality Fluor labels on roll

Submitting your artwork is easy, simply follow these instructions when you design & upload the artwork. Click on an instruction for more information.

  1. Add 5 mm bleed.
  2. White will not be printed.
  3. Resolution of at least 300 dpi.
  4. Convert fonts to outlines or embed all the fonts.
  5. Make sure the ink coverage isn't higher than 300%.
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In order to design the perfect artwork, we have created some easy templates. You will find the most popular artwork templates below. Click on the link at the bottom to see all templates.

Guide pdf
Round 20 mm pdf Adobe indesign
Round 40 mm pdf Adobe indesign
Round 60 mm pdf Adobe indesign
Round 80 mm pdf Adobe indesign
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Key specs

  • Material Fluro paper
  • Material weight 80 gr
  • Indoor or Outdoor Indoor
  • Shape Round | Rectangle | Square | Oval
  • Sticker colour Yellow | Green | Orange | Red | Magenta
  • Size Depends on shape choice
  • Printing Technique Digital
  • Print Single sided
  • Lifespan 2 - 3 years

Below you're able to find the technical product specifications

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3 Choose a size

4 Select the quantity you need

5 Choose your turnaround