Business card printing

Print personalised business cards? Design and print business cards online with leafletsprinting.com now and you'll be sure to make a lasting impression with your very own personalised business cards.

Order business cards that suit you

It's always good to choose a design that represents your corporate identity and brand. Make sure to think about the shape, size and finish of your product, as they all have an effect on the final product. We recommend thinking about this ahead of time, so that you can incorporate it into your design from the beginning.

Your design will also influence the finish you choose for your business card. For example, the Spot UV business card emphasises your image, such as your logo or photos, whilst a silver foil business card puts greater emphasis on your text and the laminated business cards are more durable than paper types. Depending on you and your company’s needs, you can decide on what you would suit you best.

Of course you probably have a budget, and there is not necessarily a need to break the bank when creating your business cards. There are plenty of options, for example, for the most affordable option, browse our standard business cards.

How to design your own printed business cards?

Invest in your brand with printed business cards, whilst showcasing your services with a personalised design and growing your network.
But how do you make sure that your business cards leave that positive impression? And what do you put on your professional business card? It varies per industry and company, but the following is always essential when making your own business card:
  • Make sure you use a logo with the right resolution and quality to prevent it from becoming grainy and unrecognisable, as this the most memorable element of a business card.
  • Think also of your company's slogan or proposition. By putting this on your professional business card, you give more personality to your company.
  • Your profession should be larger than your name and contact information, so it stands out, because people tend to search for specific jobs or roles when they need a service, rather than people. So take this into account when making your own business card too.
  • Your contact information is also important. Add your phone number, an email address or your social media details. Go bold on the contact method you would prefer to be contacted by, so it will stand out even more! Give it a try!